Meet the Fireteam Behind Barely A Destiny Show!

  • Ben/ DetBenMalone
    Host, Audio production, PR Hype man- Ben is the one that keeps the show on track and rolling. It was his idea to assemble this fireteam of BADS Bois and get the podcast off the ground. With one eye on the present, and the other looking to the future, it's Ben's vision and guidance that helps keep the podcast heading in the right direction. He currently plays in the band Failed Astronauts and spends time with his wife and daughter.

  • ScaryInternetGuy/ ScaryInternetGuy
    Co-host, analyst, technical support, former Hunter now returning to his D1 Titan roots as a Sentinel, Scary joined the team shortly before the launch of Destiny 2 and has been a staple since, providing unique perspectives on PvP, and Destiny as part of the #PCMR.

  • Scott/ SlapSh0tSc0tt
    Co-host, analyst, Webmaster by day, Titan by night, adventurer on the weekends. When not slinging code or turning wrenches, Scott is throwing Hammers as the resident Sunbreaker. In addition to spending time with family, Scott's main interests are reflected in his mantra of "Hockey, Jeeps, and Rock n' Roll".

  • Steve/ Zanifan711
    Co-host, Community and Channel Manager, "Valus of the BADClan", Steve is an Affiliated Twitch streamer, and probably the most active of the team, usually streaming at least 3 nights a week- be it Destiny, or other games. Make sure to follow him to see what he's up to!